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Commercial real estate transactions can lead to exciting opportunities for you and your business. However, as you begin pursuing your goal, you could uncover a swathe of laws and regulations – perhaps zoning or environmental – that can prove costly if you do not navigate them correctly and that you might not have the nuanced legal knowledge and time to tackle. In such moments, the assistance of a commercial real estate lawyer can have a seismic impact. Whether you are entering the closing process or encountering a legal dispute, Hoegen & Associates, P.C. in Wilkes-Barre, PA, can assist you. Learn more or contact us today.


Title Insurance

A commercial real estate attorney can greatly help with multiple elements of the closing process. If you’re looking to buy real estate for your business (e.g. an office building or a plant), title insurance can reduce the risk of financial loss and protect the property against issues not on public record or disclosed during the purchase. An attorney who is also a title insurance agent can help prepare closing documents and critical materials and make it easier for you to receive advice and clarity if you need something explained along the way.


We hope it never happens, though you could run into a circumstance where the seller of the commercial property conceals evidence of environmental contamination (e.g. a manufacturing plant and hazardous chemicals). An attentive attorney can help you avoid making an ill-informed purchase of the property and prevent you from now bearing legal responsibility for the cleanup of an environmental mess.


Zoning issues – ones foreseen and those later uncovered – can feel burdensome or monumental. An experienced commercial real estate lawyer can identify zoning issues if you’re looking to buy a property for your business and also assist you if you need a property rezoned. Also, you might encounter a scenario where you complete the transaction and a municipal agency or community resident indicates that they disapprove of your plans for the property’s future. Lawyers can help ensure you avoid zoning headaches during the planning and transaction – and also down the line when a person or entity attempts to create a legal dispute months or years after.

Among many areas, Hoegen & Associates are experts in zoning matters. Reach out today.

Mechanic’s Lien Claims

Mechanic’s liens can help make sure that a supplier or subcontractor is properly compensated for their job. If they determine that they have not received the right amount, they can make a legal claim against the property in the project. An attorney experienced in this area can help a supplier or subcontractor file a claim – or assist a property owner by filing a motion for getting improper lien dismissed or bonded off.

Hoegen & Associates offers valuable expertise in mechanic’s lien claims and can help you and your

Seller Seeks to Reserve Rights

When listing real estate, a seller may want to reserve a specific right to themself. Some examples you might immediately find through a quick search: the right of the seller to remain living on the property; rights to minerals, gas or oil under the property (notably relevant in Pennsylvania); and others. Several can involve commercial real estate law. A lawyer can help craft reservations in language that don’t lead to confusion, slowed transactions, and, later on, potential legal disputes brought against you.

Financing Alternatives

An attorney plays a key role in preparing documents that help a business finance the money for a property. They can make sure the documents are clear – that the items are drawn up and properly reviewed to avoid leaving critical info out or language that could lead to confusion and potential legal disputes. Whether you are pursuing a 1031 exchange, a build-to-suit, or something else, a lawyer can be by your side.

Choosing the Right Attorney

You’ve invested hard-fought time and money to bring your business to its current level of success. You should not have to watch your schedule and company become shackled by legal headaches. From hazardous waste and other environmental concerns to zoning matters to title reports and insurance, a lawyer can prove instrumental. An attorney can ensure you avoid pitfalls and stand by your side if someone brings on a legal dispute and you need a game plan as strong as stone.
If you run a company in Pennsylvania or do a lot of business in the commonwealth, you want a lawyer who knows state and national law well and can assist you with your commercial real estate needs. With years of knowledge and experience, Hoegen & Associates can be your trusted law firm. Reach out today.