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Real Estate Lawyer Hazleton, PA

Real Estate Lawyer Hazleton, PA

Real Estate Lawyer Hazleton, PAAt Hoegen & Associates, P.C., a real estate lawyer Hazleton, PA residents trust knows how big of a deal zoning issues are to real estate. Zoning is a system used by cities, counties, and states to categorize areas of private real estate. States may establish statutes or laws that regulate zoning, and cities may pass ordinances that are alike to laws but have less power. The main classifications for the property include residential commercial, industrial, recreational, and agricultural. As a PA real estate lawyer in Hazleton knows, zoning disputes can occur for many reasons, which we have listed below. 

If you are in need of advice regarding a zoning or other real estate property issue, do not hesitate to call us at Hoegen & Associates, P.C. right now to speak with a Hazleton real estate lawyer.

Common Zoning Disputes

Zoning disputes can entail a disagreement between two private homeowners, or between a local city government and private commercial property. Zoning disputes usually involve a commercial building that sits close to residential neighborhoods. A real estate lawyer in PA is experienced in handling issues of all kinds. Here are examples of common zoning disputes: 

  • Commercial, agricultural, or industrial properties cause air, noise, and/or water pollution to closeby properties. 
  • Commercial signs are put in areas that clutter or disrupt a neighborhood. 
  • A commercial business parking lot is close to residential homes. 
  • Setback issues

Setback Issues

In the above list, setback issues refer to the minimum distance a building can be placed from a property line. Many setback ordinances are intended to prevent disputes over access to ventilation or sunlight, prevent a disturbance to nature, keep people a safe distance away from a roadway, or avoid overcrowding. A real estate lawyer in Hazleton, PA can speak with you about ways to settle a setback issue dispute promptly. 

How Zoning Issues Are Resolved

The usual remedy for a zoning lawsuit entails the court ordering one of the parties to halt their activity. Additionally, damages may be awarded if the zoning issue caused one of the parties to endure financial loss. Zoning ordinances can impact those who live within the city, so immediate action should be taken to amend the situation. If the zoning issue is between two neighbors, the initial step may be to file a claim with the local government, where the parties are encouraged to resolve the issue themselves. In other cases, the court may intervene to fix the matter instead.  

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Zoning issues and other kinds of real estate disputes can be challenging to resolve yourself. We can imagine that you may be unsure how to approach such an issue, and may not be certain what your options are in trying to fix the situation. Let us help you. Call Hoegen & Associates, P.C. now for help from a Pennsylvania real estate lawyer in resolving a serious zoning or another real estate-related dispute.