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Commercial Law

Any business that sells goods needs a commercial attorney who can help them remain compliant with legal regulations. At Hoegen & Associates, P.C. in Wilkes-Barre, PA, we are highly experienced working with a wide range of commercial businesses, including hotels, mini-marts and gas stations, restaurants and taverns, and more.

Commercial Law Attorneys Wilkes-Barre, PA

Knowledgeable of Commercial Regulations

With decades of experience in the commercial realm, our attorneys understand the regulations governing sales of goods as determined by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and each state’s individual modifications. We work closely with your business in areas of trade, contracts, consumer complaints, marketing disputes, formation and more. Our goal is to help you avoid any legal issues by working with you before they can arise, ensuring your operations are compliant with any regulations and contracts.

Commercial Loan Workout/Debt Restructuring

If your business is facing dissolution due to bankruptcy, our attorneys can help you navigate your options when it comes to restructuring your debt and commercial loan workouts. We will analyze your unique situation and create a plan that will help you achieve a more favorable financial position. Possible solutions may include a loan workout or loan modification, or a forbearance agreement. Or, a more substantial measure may be necessary, including mortgage foreclosure, commercial insolvency, or business dissolution.

Commercial Collections

If you are business owner or entrepreneur and somebody owes you money, our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our strategies include debt collection, repossession, replevin, and garnishment. If needed, we will take the case to court. We take assertive action against debtors, and we aren’t afraid to seize assets, levy bank accounts, or take other measures to get them to pay the money they owe. Unpaid debts hurt your business, and you need a firm, committed attorney who will track down debtors and work tirelessly to get you the money you deserve.


If you are considering selling your business, it is important that your business is correctly valued to ensure that you are receiving the amount you deserve. Several factors determine the value of a business, perhaps the most important of which is your business’s profit opportunity. In addition, buyers will consider the risk level and growth rate of your business.

After your business is valued, negotiations will occur. As the seller, you must understand the leverage you hold and use this leverage to make your business as desirable as possible to potential buyers. This helps ensure you maintain bargaining power that can help you get a better offer. You must also make sure your finances are audited by a trustworthy accounting firm so that you can provide buyers with accurate information. In addition, reading the letter of intent carefully is important because usually there is a clause that states that, once signed, the seller cannot negotiate with other buyers.

Our attorneys work closely with business owners to ensure their businesses are properly valued and that they are receiving the offers they deserve. We also provide the analysis needed to assist in stock and asset sales so you receive a significant profit.

Client Review

"I have been working with Frank for a number of years. He has always been both attentive and responsive to our needs. There is not much that Frank hasn't handled for us from a legal standpoint, and generally to a positive conclusion. I would not use anyone else in PA other than Frank to represent us."
John Diav, Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training
Client Review


Credit and loans have been increasingly accessible to businesses over the past couple of years, and for good reason. Loans are helpful for business growth and expansion. However, it is important to have an attorney on your side who can guide you in securing the loans that will be most beneficial for your business. We help you determine the benefits and potential risks of different loans so you can make an informed decision.


If you are considering merging your business with one or more other business entities, our attorneys can help facilitate the transaction. The choice to merge can have several favorable outcomes, including improved efficiency and higher profit. However, the process has legal implications, including due diligence, corporate governance, taxation, and more. Our attorneys will help you navigate these areas so that your merger is compliant

Asset Purchase

In an asset purchase, one company purchases assets, not including stock, from another company. If you are purchasing or selling assets, an experienced commercial law attorney can help facilitate the transaction, ensuring legal implications are understood and protecting the interests of all parties.

Buying & Selling Defaulted Loans

Purchasing a defaulted loan is a way of purchasing a business at a large price reduction. If a business is failing and the bank does not want to foreclose, we can work with you to help you purchase the loan. During this process, you would work with the current owners of the business to negotiate the debt. We help you gain the deed at a low cost, which then releases the current owners from their debt. We also work with those seeking to sell their defaulted loans.

A defaulted loan transaction is mutually beneficial for both the seller and purchaser. We help you navigate the transaction to maximize your profit and achieve your unique goals.

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