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5 Benefits of Working With a Construction Lawyer

No matter the size of your construction business, an attorney in your corner can provide many benefits. They can save you when a customer sues, help you build your business plan, and put liens on properties when you don’t get paid. If having a construction lawyer on salary is not feasible, there are other options so that you can have legal guidance without paying “full price.” An attorney can serve as a counselor or on retainer as needed. This way, they know your business and will be available, on-call, when you need it.

Hoegen & Associates is based in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and provides commercial, real estate, and construction law counseling and legal services to business owners in Pennsylvania. Our attorneys are highly experienced in working with entrepreneurs and can provide the legal guidance you need. Reach out to our office today to get started.

1. Managing Conflicts

Lawsuits are a part of business, unfortunately. Although they can be stressful, you can set yourself up for success by having a construction lawyer on your team before a conflict arises. Rather than hiring a lawyer after you find yourself in a lawsuit and trying to catch your new lawyer up to speed on your business, be proactive instead. When you have a working relationship with an attorney, they will know you and your business, and managing the lawsuit will be more manageable for you.

2. Drafting & Reviewing Contracts

Construction companies need to have a contract with every customer. The contract protects the company and customer regarding pay, materials, timeline, and more. If there is a dispute, the contract should clearly define the result. Having an attorney draft the contracts will ensure all parties are protected.

Additionally, a construction lawyer can help you review contracts drafted by other parties. You want to feel confident that you know what you read and agreed to.

3. Handling Employee Conflicts

In a perfect world, conflicts with employees would be nonexistent – but, during your time in business, odds are you will have to handle at least one disgruntled employee who will take legal action. If you had a lawyer from the start, you can feel confident about the lawsuit because the attorney would have helped with your business plan and structure, employee handbook, and procedures so that all of your bases are covered.

4. Creating a Business Plan

Whether you’re starting or restructuring after being established for a handful of years, a construction lawyer will help you create a business plan that will extend the life of your business and increase your profits. As your business grows, you have to be prepared for new regulations, managing full-time employees, workers’ compensation, subcontractors, and more. The larger the business, the larger room for error and financial penalties if you do not have legal counsel.

5. Adding or Remove Liens

Construction and mechanic’s liens can be placed on properties to make sure you are paid for the work you’ve completed. Additionally, you may come across a property with a lien that needs to be removed before you can begin construction. A construction attorney will look into the property to see if you can add a lien, if there is one already on the property, and if one can be removed. Then they can file the necessary paperwork so you can continue working as usual.

Hiring a Construction Lawyer in Pennsylvania

If you own a construction company in Pennsylvania, you must have a construction attorney on your team. Whether on retainer or as a salaried employee, construction lawyers are crucial to protect your business and helping your business grow. When you have a lawyer on your side, you can continue with what you do best and allow the lawyer to work in the background to ensure everything remains legally strong and sound.

Protect your business and assets and hire a construction lawyer. Call Hoegen & Associates at 570-820-3332 (click to call) to get started with a legal partner you can trust.