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Commercial Law Lawyer in Scranton, PA

Commercial Law Lawyer in Scranton PAOwning a business is a lot of work, but a commercial law lawyer in Scranton, Pennsylvania, can make life easier for you. When you’re managing a business, there are a million things to keep track of, and it’s no secret that much of your work involves putting out fires as they come up so you and your company can keep things moving forward. It gets hectic, and sometimes you may wonder how you can even stay afloat: If you own and operate a business, you need to focus on what’s most important to you and your employees – but how can you find the time, and who can handle all of the potentially crippling legal problems that come out of the woodwork?

Unfortunately, legal challenges and disputes are a fact of life when you’re operating a business. They may be frequent, but they’re also incredibly distracting from your other tasks as a manager and business owner. The best way to steer clear of these obstacles is to have a qualified commercial law lawyer who can help you navigate through the complicated legal framework that supports a business. While disputes will always happen, the right lawyer can make sure they don’t happen too often. After all, you’ve got lots to keep track of – how can you keep your business running if you’re constantly stopping to make sure you’re going through the legal motions properly?

A Commercial Law Lawyer is Here to Help

A proper lawyer can help you steer clear of any legal challenges and disputes. They can assist with paperwork (making sure you have the proper forms and permits, and making sure you get those forms and permits submitted to the right people by the right deadlines), and they can also assist you with negotiating with any parties that might be trying to file suits against you and your company. They are helpful when it comes to avoiding any future disputes, and if you’re already dealing with disputes their information is incredibly valuable.

It’s difficult to manage a business without dealing with some kind of contract at least once. Whether you’re drafting a contract between you and a property owner, or filling out a contract between yourself and client, contracts make the world go round. Unfortunately, contracts are also a major source of business dispute. There are many kinds of contracts, and many kinds of contract disputes. The most frequently encountered are breaches of contract, which in turn are broken up into several subcategories. Some are general material breaches (in which one of the parties in a contract fails to meet its obligation), others are related to non-disclosure agreements, or non-compete contracts (which are intended to ensure previous employees don’t go immediately to your competitors with your trade secrets in hand). A qualified commercial law lawyer can help you sort out your contracts – and more.

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At Hoegen & Associates, P.C., we understand the importance of your business, and we understand the challenges you may face when operating a business. We provide personalized case management for each and every one of our clients, and pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure you are able to focus on growing your business, instead of dealing with countless legal issues and contract disputes. Get in touch and see how a commercial law lawyer in Scranton, PA, can help your business grow.