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Commercial Litigation Lawyer Allentown PA

Litigation Practice is Extensive

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Allentown PAEngaging in commercial litigation can be daunting when you lack the right resources. The commercial litigation practice is extensive. However, the commercial litigation lawyers in Allentown, PA have dedicated themselves to their craft. Consult us at Hoegen & Associates, P.C. to help you develop a better understanding of commercial litigation as well as prepare you for engaging in it.

What is Commercial Litigation?

To put it simply, civil litigation is a lawsuit between individuals, where criminal charges are not involved. Any time there are two or more parties involved in a non-criminal legal dispute, what results is considered to be a civil litigation. Typically, in civil litigation the parties are suing to enforce or to defend a legal right, and the suing party is seeking to be compensated with either money damages or some action.

A commercial dispute results when one or more of these parties is a business entity such as a partnership or a corporation. 

Examples of Commercial Litigation

Antitrust Litigation: this handles allegations that the business practices of a company are not in compliance with competition regulations. Antitrust litigation may be either civil or criminal in nature (or both).

Breach of Contract: if an individual or a company fails to uphold a promise made in a legally binding contract with another, then the result is a civil proceeding. Anyone aggrieved in a contract can bring a breach of contract suit against another.

Consumer Class Action lawsuits: this involves situations where an individual may bring suit against a business entity or the other way around. A commercial litigation lawyer will be best prepared to handle such a lawsuit.

IP Litigation: patent litigation may involve patent infringement, trademark infringement, or copyright infringement.

Regulation issues: when a company does not follow the regulations of their industry, both civil and criminal sanctions may result.

Security litigation: this involves disputes between issuers of securities and individuals who invest in them.

What does a litigation lawyer handle?

Litigation lawyers handle the litigation process and understand all of the ins and outs of the courtroom. A litigation lawyer can also help you decide whether your case is appropriate for a lawsuit, or if it might be better handled through the mediation or arbitration process. They research the facts that caused the dispute, and analyze them to identify the appropriate law and how it applies. After this preliminary review, the litigation lawyer gives you an analysis of your rights and an estimate of your ability to be successful in court. They will know the information you need to present in court as well as the process, procedures, and deadlines you must meet to keep your lawsuit on track.

Choose a competent lawyer

Commercial litigation encompasses a broad range of disputs; proving fault or negligence and demonstrating extent of damages or injury can be challenging.

Avoid the mistakes commonly made by those who do it alone. Find an experienced commercial litigation lawyer in Allentown, PA with comprehensive knowledge of civil procedure laws and expertise in your specific area of need.

Whether your dispute involves finances, intellectual property, breach of duty, data security, insurance, partnerships, or other government entities, Hoegen & Associates, P.C. can provide a competent lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of business litigation. Make your contact today.