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Condemnation Lawyer Lackawanna County, PA

Condemnation Lawyer Lackawanna County, PA

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If you are the owner of a property that has been targeted by an eminent domain action, it is important to connect with a condemnation lawyer Lackawanna County, PA property owners trust. Regardless of whether the property in question is residential or commercial in nature, time is of the essence. The law only gives property owners so long to challenge a condemnation action and it takes time for attorneys to build the strongest possible cases on behalf of property owners who are being affected by these legal proceedings. Once you have been notified that your property is the subject of an eminent domain action, it is time to connect with the dedicated legal team at Hoegen & Associates, P.C. to explore your rights and options.

Most condemnation defenses are crafted in response to eminent domain actions. However, there are other government processes that—once initiated—require a condemnation defense from the affected property owners. If you are facing a condemnation situation for any reason—eminent domain or otherwise—the time-sensitive nature of your response still stands. The faster that you connect with an experienced Lackawanna County, PA condemnation lawyer at our firm, the quicker we can begin building the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

Can Property Owners Fight Eminent Domain Actions?

It isn’t easy to successfully contest an eminent domain action. However, property owners have rights under the law that the government must respect. One of these rights involves proper notice that grants the property owner enough time to seek counsel and file a formal objection. Once our legal team understands the nuances of your situation, we’ll be able to provide you with an objective analysis as to whether your formal objection has a strong likelihood of success. If you choose to contest your eminent domain (or other condemnation) action and lose, you will still retain the right to proper compensation for the loss of the property that the government has targeted for seizure. Whether you choose to defend your case or not, we can help to ensure that your compensation is fairly valued.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Although the law does extend certain rights to the government that allows it to override the rights of property owners under certain circumstances, the rights of property owners are broadly protected under state and federal law. Therefore, if you are in need of a condemnation defense as a result of an eminent domain action or some alternative government process, it is certainly possible that you could mount a successful defense with the assistance of the experienced Pennsylvania legal team at Hoegen & Associates, P.C.

No legal outcome is ever guaranteed. However, when property owners work with experienced attorneys to protect their rights and interests, they place themselves in the best possible position to craft a winning defensive strategy. If you have not yet scheduled a risk-free consultation with a reputable Lackawanna County, PA condemnation lawyer at our firm to have your concerns addressed and to learn about our approach to condemnation representation, please do so today; we look forward to speaking with you.