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Construction Law lawyer ChesCo, PA

What are the advantages of a build to suit property investment?

Construction Law lawyer ChesCo, PA

Hoegen & Associates, P.C provides savvy guidance and opportunities to our clients who wish to benefit from single tenant net lease investments. One of our core offerings are build-to-suit investment opportunities. Talk to one of our Construction Law lawyers ChesCo, PA. Based on your investment goals, we can help you meet your portfolio objectives. If you would like to know more about our investment services, request an introductory consultation with a skilled Construction Law lawyer ChesCo, PA.

What is a build to suit?

When a development project is designed and constructed based on the custom needs of the tenant, the arrangement is described as a build to suit. Such a building is intended to meet the specific needs of the tenant. Due to the costs involved in creating a customized building, it is considered a long term investment. Hoegen & Associates, P.C can match you with one or more build to suit investment opportunities that can offer the highest return on investment. In return,

  •         A build to suit investment can be attractive for the tenant because it can optimize their workflow, reduce their operating costs, and maximize efficiency of space.
  •         A build to suit investment can be attractive for the investor because the vacant space can be leased to additional tenants or else left dormant to allow the existing tenant to expand their operations.

What are other advantages associated with a build to suit investment?

The advantages of a build to suit investment will vary somewhat based on the individual goals of the investor but most are attracted to them for the following reasons:

  •         A build to suit provides the investor as well as the tenant an opportunity to customize the building’s design and construction.
  •         A customized building can maximize space efficiency for the tenant, thus reducing their operating costs and increase productivity, thus increasing profits.
  •         Available space in the building allows the tenant to expand in the future or rent the space out to additional tenants for a consistent monthly cash infusion.
  •         A build to suit enables the tenant to take advantage of the latest building construction and design to incorporate cost-saving energy efficient materials, smart building connectivity, and much more.

How is a build to suit building created?

A Hoegen & Associates, P.C will detail the process for you based on the circumstances of your intended investment. Generally speaking, it will follow this process:

  1.       You will select a suitable location for the build to suit with the help of a Hoegen & Associates, P.C representative.
  2.       You will determine the lease terms for the future tenant based in part on your optimum investment strategy.
  3.       You will work with the future tenant to determine their optimum building design.
  4.       You will prepare the building’s design.
  5.       You will obtain the necessary building permits and other requirements.
  6.       You will construct the building.
  7.       You will accept the tenant’s occupancy.

If you would like to know more about build to suit investment opportunities, and how a Construction Law lawyer in ChesCo, PA from Hoegen & Associates, P.C can help you meet your goals, give us a call to talk to one of our specialists.