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Lackawanna County Tax Reassessment Lawyer 

Tax Reassessment Lawyer Lackawanna County, PA

Tax Reassessment Lawyer Lackawanna County, PA - Stressed black couple with bills and laptop at homeIf you want to challenge your property tax assessment, it’s important to have a qualified tax reassessment lawyer Lackawanna County, PA residents highly recommend, on your side. Property tax bills aren’t always set in stone. If you feel like your property taxes are too high right now, a lawyer from Hoegen & Associates, P.C. may be able to help you challenge them. Here are the steps you can take.

Look at Your Property Record Card

The first step in challenging your property tax assessment is checking your property record card at your tax assessor’s website. Assessors use the information on this card to figure out your property’s market value. Some of the information that’s on this card includes square footage and the condition of the property. There’s always a chance that something in your property record card is incorrect. For instance, it may state that your home has more square footage than it truly has.

If you discover that something on your property record card is incorrect, get in touch with your assessor’s office. Tell them that there is a mistake on your card and that you want it corrected. You may be able to get your taxes lowered this way.

Hire a Real Estate Appraiser Appraise Your Property

Even if everything on your property record card is correct, you may still feel that your property is valued too high. If that is the case, your tax reassessment lawyer in Lackawanna County, PA may advise you to have a real estate appraiser appraise your home.

Inform the Assessor That Your Property Deteriorated

If your property has deteriorated since the last assessment, the assessor may be valuing your property too high. For instance, if part of your home was destroyed because of a fire, you should let the assessor know.

Show That Comparable Properties Recently Sold for Less

If there are comparable properties in your area that recently sold for less than your property’s assessed value, you should definitely inform the assessor. You can get this sales information from websites like and

File an Appeal

If you want to formally challenge the assessment of your property, you are required to file an appeal with your local appeals board. A tax reassessment lawyer can help you file the appeal by deadline and ensure you don’t make any errors.

Schedule a meeting with a tax reassessment lawyer in Lackawanna County, PA from Hoegen & Associates, P.C.