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Real Estate Lawyer in ChesCo, PA

Real Estate Lawyer in ChesCo, PAWhen you are dealing with a real estate transaction, it may be in your best interest to have a real estate lawyer in ChesCo, PA by your side so that you can have peace of mind. We’ll discuss why you might want a lawyer to ensure that your peace of mind is not interrupted. If you find yourself with legal troubles involving your real estate sale, reach out to Hoegen & Associates P.C. 

Real estate lawyers can help to protect your investment, and we’re going to explain why. When it comes to a requirement to have a lawyer when you’re doing a real estate sale or purchase, there is not one—you would really only want to get a lawyer if you think you’d need one, and would consider it to be an advantage for yourself. 

What Does A Real Estate Lawyer Do For A Buyer?

When going through with a real estate transaction, the buyer is often required to obtain title insurance. This insurance will help to protect the investment that’s being made, and it reduces the financial loss risk for the buyer or the lenders that give money to the buyer, as it insures the property against issues related to the property that were not of public record or were not disclosed by the seller. 

A good real estate lawyer in ChesCo, PA with decades of experience such as the ones at Hoegen & Associates P.C. will be able to advise you on the type of title insurance to buy, and they’ll be able to help you keep an eye out for anything fishy with the property you are considering buying. In fact, some real estate lawyers are often title insurance agents, and that means they can help you look for discrepancies in the property records before you settle on that property. 

Any real estate lawyer with experience is going to work with the buyer to find potential issues in the title report, or issues that may be otherwise evident on the property that the buyer is attempting to purchase. 

Other Benefits of a Real Estate Lawyer

While having your real estate lawyer available to help with transactions, you may not realize that there are other benefits to having a real estate lawyer. If you intend to develop or subdivide the property, the process to do so in Pennsylvania is lengthy and complex and can be confusing; a good real estate lawyer will make it less confusing. Your real estate lawyer will be able to identify potential problems with development and build sites up front, from access issues, easements, restrictions on the deed and much more. 

If you intend to change the property’s use, then you’ll need a lawyer. After all, not every property is permitted to be used as a business or to lease buildings off of. Therefore a real estate lawyer is going to be able to inform you about what you can do with your property and help you to avoid issues with the law.

Reach out to Hoegen & Associates, P.C. for your real estate needs today.