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Successfully Navigating Construction Disputes | Hoegen & Associates, P.C.If you’re a construction professional, your work and schedule can prove chaotic. Before, during, and after a project, you have to deal with agreements, statutes, and, if issues arise, possibly construction disputes. Contracts and the legal side of construction can be complex and a burden to you and your business.

 At Hoegen & Associates, P.C., in Wilkes-Barre, PA, we discuss disputes you might encounter, from construction claims to issues that might come up during public-sector work. It’s important to have an experienced attorney – one who’s well-versed in construction law – for trusted guidance.

 If you need a team that knows the legal side of construction at the state and local levels, contact us today, and see how we can help.

Disputes You Could Encounter

Construction Claims

Construction claims can lead to more expensive ones and greater stress if left unattended or without effective legal solutions. Claims can arise from a variety of issues, such as payment disputes, construction or product defects, a difference in site conditions, delays or disruptions, mechanics’ lien claims, and other problems. Depending on the contract, many can be settled privately. Litigation is typically a last resort.

An experienced attorney can help draw up a contract and negotiate to protect you from claims. They know key statutes – ones relevant to your work and the construction industry. Among several is the Pennsylvania Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act, or CASPA, which dictates the proper timing for payment for construction work. The statute also makes solutions available – from interest to penalties (when appropriate) to attorneys’ fees – when owners or contractors fail to follow the payment obligations.

If a construction claim is made, a well-versed lawyer can help you navigate the next steps and avoid time and money killers – from the emergence of costlier claims to the construction process getting delayed or dragged out. Additionally, if you ever reach the point of litigation, having someone who’s knowledgeable and trusted in construction law can have a massive impact on the outcome.

Closer Look: Mechanics’ Lien Claims

A mechanic’s lien can be an effective way to make sure a supplier or subcontractor is properly compensated for their job. If they determine that they haven’t been paid the correct amount, they can make a legal claim against the property in the project until the issue’s been resolved or dealt with. On the other side, to protect a real-estate owner from abuse, statutes typically demand a set of specific, strict requirements that the person intent on making a lien claim must follow.

An attorney who’s well versed in mechanics’ liens can help a client on the filing or receiving end of a mechanic’s lien. Hoegen & Associates is here for subcontractors and suppliers filing lien claims or property owners hit with such scenarios. We can help the subcontractor or supplier navigate the filing requirements and the important details or roadblocks that might appear later on. Additionally, if it later becomes appropriate and necessary, we can file complaints to enforce the lien claim. If you’re a property owner, we have the knowledge and expertise to file motions for getting improper liens dismissed or bonded off.

Need experienced help with a mechanics’ lien claim? Contact us today!

Disputes in Government & Public Contracts

If you’re a construction professional who plans to do work for the government and public sector, you’ll have to handle a number of complexities. From regulatory compliance to handling claims, it helps greatly to have an attorney that knows construction law well. The right lawyer can help you follow federal, state, and local requirements. They can also assist you in quickly resolving or taking claims to the litigation stage at the different levels of government.

Experienced Legal Representation for Construction Disputes

 You deserve an experienced attorney. Construction law is a core specialty of Hoegen & Associates, which means you get a lawyer who knows and tackles important issues regularly. Here for construction professionals, we help you draw up contracts to substantially reduce the chance of someone filing a construction claim, whether related to pay disputes, delays, and other time-related issues, or something else. We offer a wealth of knowledge and strive to be easily available for clients when they have questions.

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