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One of the most valuable assets you can have in your business is access to a commercial lawyer. A commercial lawyer serves as a shield to your business property and finances. Whenever you encounter legal paperwork or challenges, an attorney on your team can provide legal advice and assistance so that you make the right decisions – and not make any significant mistakes or lose money over a misunderstanding. Below are some surprising things commercial lawyers can do for your business.

Hoegen & Associates, PC, based in Wilkes-Barre, PA, provides commercial legal services to businesses across the state. For more information and to discuss your business with an attorney, reach out to our office.

Legal Protection

Commercial lawyers can help minimize any potential damage caused by detrimental decisions. They fight for you, and since they know your business so well, they will provide consultation to ensure you make the correct legal decisions based on your business goals. They will also ensure you don’t accidentally cross a legal barrier in any aspect of your business.

Break Down Your Options

Legal decisions can often be complicated. Your commercial lawyer will know the ins and outs of the possible options and be able to provide a knowledgeable recommendation. They can provide you with all the alternatives to make the most informed decision and not be blindsided later on.

Legal Interpretation

Small but important legal jargon can be missed or misunderstood. A commercial lawyer will complete a thorough read-through and will be able to interpret any legal documents to you. They will ensure you make the best decision for your business and are not caught off guard down the line. With their interpretation, you will know precisely what you are reading and agreeing to on paper.

Online Security

The digital realm can be a complicated and confusing place where mistakes and oversharing can easily occur. A commercial lawyer will be beneficial for more than one reason. They can register and safeguard your Intellectual Property (IP) and ensure your business website stays in line. This includes not collecting information from potential clients without their permission and correctly stating the request for information on your site.

Draft Legal Papers

A commercial lawyer will be able to draft any forms, contracts, or paperwork you need, which may be more often than you think. This includes non-disclosure agreements with others in meetings to protect your intellectual property. A lawyer can also help you to create and defend any patents. You may have an idea but no time to draft a patent, but a lawyer will be able to masterfully create the patent for you and make the idea legally yours.

Properly Complete Taxes

Taxes can be a complex stressor for a business owner. Your commercial lawyer will guide you through taxation laws and deduction possibilities to help make sure your business is tax compliant. They also remain up to date on taxation laws and will be able to alert you if anything changes in your favor.

Add a Commercial Lawyer to Your Team

Hoegen & Associates attorneys are well-versed in commercial law. In fact, we specialize in it. We are highly aware of the legal processes involved in running a business and where many business owners make mistakes. A commercial lawyer will protect your business and save you money, and if a legal battle takes place, you will have an attorney on your side who has taken the time to get familiar with your business.

Contact us today to discuss adding a commercial lawyer to your team.