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Tax Assessment Appeal Lawyer Berks County, PA

Tax Assessment Appeal Lawyer Berks County, PA

Tax Assessment Appeal Lawyer Berks County, PA - Businessman or lawyer accountant working financial investment onIt’s no secret that Pennsylvania’s property tax assessment process can be difficult to understand, and that is why a tax assessment appeal lawyer in Berks County, PA is there to help you through the process. Each county in the state assessed properties differently, and this means that there are different rules and regulations in place. Not only that, but often the state and counties are understaffed, which means that properties are often not assessed individually.

In most cases, the values from previous years are simply rolled over and used again, which can lead to frequent mistakes and can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes.

Can You Challenge Your Property Tax Assessment? 

Most people aren’t aware or don’t worry that they are paying too much in property taxes. The majority of taxpayers don’t know that they may be getting overcharged and so they never seek help. If you’re one of these people that is worried, then reaching out to a lawyer can help you determine what actions need to be taken. So, yes, you can challenge your property tax assessment.

How Does a Law Firm Help? 

When you search for help in order to challenge her property tax assessment, you should look for lawyers that have extensive experience in commercial and residential tax appeals. One of the first steps that they take is to make a preliminary determination regarding the accuracy of your assessment. From there, they will work with a certified appraiser to collect information on the values of similar properties in your area. After that, they can help you determine if there are reasonable grounds to appeal.

If an appeal is warranted, then the next step is to get a detailed appraisal prepared. From there, a lawyer can help you file the appropriate paperwork with the Tax Assessment Appeal Board of the County where the property is located. During this time, the board will schedule a date to hear the arguments. It is not necessary for you to attend the hearing, as your lawyer can appear on your behalf.

Different Types of Clients 

Here at Hoegen & Associates, P.C. we handle taxation issues that affect both commercial and residential real estate. This means that our clients can include anyone from homeowners to commercial property managers.

This also means that we can represent commercial tenants under net leases requiring the tenant to pay the real estate taxes. Since property taxes are often the single largest operating expense for these operations, we work our hardest to reduce them and give you the best price possible. This means our services will help you avoid paying excessive taxes, which then adds to your bottom line.

If you’re worried that you’re paying too much in property taxes then don’t hesitate to reach out to a tax assessment appeal lawyer in Berks County, Pennsylvania from the team at Hoegen & Associates, P.C. to help you understand what your next steps would be in the appeal process.