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Title Insurance lawyer ChesCo, PA

The Critical Role of a Title Insurance Lawyer in Land Use

Title Insurance lawyer ChesCo, PA

Land use issues are a common thorn in the side of businesses in the ChesCo, PA community. Working with a Title Insurance lawyer ChesCo, PA who is well versed in regulatory and legislative processes is critical. An experienced land use lawyer can minimize the amount of time and cost involved in reaching a company’s goals in land use or expansion. At Hoegen & Associates, P.C, our Title Insurance lawyer in ChesCo, PA focuses on assisting companies, trade groups, and homeowners through the often frustrating maze of legalities and legislative hurdles. We have the knowledge our clients need in even the most complex situations and our successful track record speaks for itself.

Compliance and Permitting Concerns in Pennsylvania

For our clients who have identified real estate opportunities that meet their goals, or who wish to expand their current operations, our land use lawyer can help them smoothly move through the compliance and permitting hurdles. Our Title Insurance lawyer in ChesCo, PA routinely handles cases that involve negotiations with zoning boards, interactions with government representatives, and submission of permits and documentation to federal agencies. Many land use issues center around environmental concerns. This can be a tremendous consumption of time, money, and other non-monetary costs that can quickly or over time kill a project. The skills and experience that our land use lawyer brings to the table often enables clients to take a proactive stance in anticipation of issues identified by our legal team. This in turn can speed track decisions and limit project costs.

Approval of Land Use Applications in Pennsylvania

Land use application approvals can be problematic in Pennsylvania. The process often requires guidance from a lawyer who focuses on land use cases and has the necessary public policy skills to get the job done. Hoegen & Associates, P.C’s established relationships with city council members, county boards, state planning commissioners, and government administrative bodies. Our network of professionals provides additional resources that can make all the difference and lead to a positive outcome. Our land use lawyer assists clients who seek compliance approval for any of the following:

  •         Variances
  •         Planning and zoning
  •         Environmental Impact Reports
  •         Project permits and entitlements
  •         Historical preservation
  •         Development incentives
  •         Conditional use permit
  •         Adaptive reuse and redevelopment approval
  •         Eminent domain, inverse condemnation, and takings

Permit and Zoning Approvals in ChesCo, PA

When our land use lawyer accepts a case, they work closely with a client to ensure that the client’s needs and goals are met in as timely a manner as possible. They make every effort to prevent unnecessary delays on the part of the agency that is responsible for approving or denying the submitted permit request. From zoning ordinances to development regulations to current and pending land development codes, our land use lawyer stays abreast of everything that can potentially restrict or impact a client’s project. They also handle easement negotiations, license applications, and development agreements. Our Title Insurance lawyer ChesCo, PA assists clients to maintain their deadlines and complete projects on time.

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