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As a property owner, you may see rising prices as a positive thing. Your property’s value is going up, and should you choose to sell, you could make a profit. However, with higher property prices comes increased property taxes. Property taxes can gradually change annually or every few years, depending on where your property is located.

Your property tax bill is your commercial property’s assessed value multiplied by the local tax rate. If you receive a notice in the mail and you feel that your taxes have increased significantly more than they should have, our Chester County, PA tax appeal lawyer can assist you with the process of filing for a commercial tax appeal and representing you if your case goes to court. Most jurisdictions offer 90 days to appeal your tax assessment, but some may be as low as 30 days.

If you think your property taxes are unfair, you can file for an appeal. Hoegen & Associates attorneys are located in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and are skilled in business and real estate law. Read on for our top three tips for commercial property tax appeals in the state of Pennsylvania.


1. Don’t Procrastinate

When you get the assessment in the mail – usually in the first few months of the year – open it immediately and look for the deadline to appeal. You may have only a few weeks to appeal, depending on when you receive the letter. This means you need to know the rules and if you believe an appeal is necessary, apply right away. Keep in mind that there are non-refundable filing fees that range from $50 to $150, depending on the property size and the county.


2. Collect Evidence

Send in your appeal form and any evidence to the assessor. This can be any relevant documents and appraisals, blueprints, photos of your property and any neighboring buildings or lots for comparison, repair estimates, etc. Make copies because everything you submit will become evidence and property of the board. You should hear back within a few months. If you’re unhappy with the result, you can schedule a hearing with the appeals board.


3. Be Prepared to Present

If you schedule a hearing, make sure you are prepared. Bring copies of your evidence and prepare a testimony. You may even have witnesses. There are no exemptions unless the appellant requests additional time at the time of filing.


Bonus Tip: Work with a Professional

If you don’t have the time to fight for a lower tax rate or the ability to collect all the evidence and state your case in front of the board, you should work with a professional. Our attorneys at Hoegen & Associates have fought for property tax appeals for Pennsylvania-based commercial property owners for years. Even if the case goes before the board, you won’t have to be there. You can trust our attorneys to present on your behalf.

Get in Touch With Hoegen & Associates

Based in Wilkes-Barre, PA, we represent companies across the state. If you would like to apply for a commercial property tax appeal with assistance from an attorney, reach out to Hoegen & Associates today.