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Tax Appeal Lawyer Delaware County, PA

Tax Appeal Lawyer Delaware County, PATax Appeal Lawyer Delaware County, PA

At Hoegen & Associates, P.C., a tax appeal lawyer Delaware County, PA community members trust often talks with clients about how to challenge their property tax assessment. Assessing property is not an exact science, so there is a chance that you may have grounds to challenge your bill, potentially saving tons of money in annual taxes! But unfortunately, many people do not realize that their tax assessment may be worth an appeal, and end up shelling out dollars needlessly when it should have stayed in their bank account. 


You May Be Entitled to a Tax Appeal

Many people believe that when they receive a tax bill from the government, that it is set in stone. The property tax bill is generated by a local tax assessor, based on their estimation of the value for your property. Very few homeowners actually appeal their asesssments, but those who do often receive substantial tax reductions. The next time you are anticipating getting a property tax bill, we suggest coming into our office so we can review it before you submit your payment. If we feel a tax appeal is warranted, we can help you through the next steps in doing so. 


Your Tax Assessment is a Local Process

Typically, property taxes are established at the local level for your city or county. Every locality has a process for determining the amount of taxes each homeowner should pay. Depending on the locality, they may reassess the value of properties years, or every 4-5 years. Some assessors value property on an individual basis, while others value a property based on the area. Additionally, your locality has its own procedures for handling  tax assessment appeals from property owners. 


How To Challenge a Property Tax Bill

As your tax appeal lawyer in Delaware County, Pennsylvania may tell you, even if the information for your property record is correct, the assessment of the value may be too high. Assessors for property tax use the sale price of homes comparable to yours to establish the property market value. But if the value of your home has decreased since the assessment, you may be faced with a bill that does not represent the price you would get on the open market. At Hoegen & Associates, P.C., we can help guide you through these steps in challenging a property tax bill: 


  1. Have your property appraised by a professional appraiser for real estate.
  2. Show how comparable properties sold recently for much less than the assessed value of your home. These records can be obtained online, from your realtor’s office, or assessor’s office. 
  3. Show how the assessed value of your property is way too high, especially if your home has deteriorated since it was assessed last (such as due to a flood, fire, or earthquake). 


For more help regarding your recent property tax bill, call a Delaware County tax appeal lawyer in PA at Hoegen & Associates, P.C. today!