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Probate Lawyer Wilkes-Barre, PA

Professional Legal Guidance Through The Probate Process

If you require assistance with the probate process, our Wilkes-Barre, PA probate lawyer is here to help you. In the aftermath of the death of a loved one, the probate process is often an unwanted complication and distraction from mourning and personal responsibilities. Our team will help you understand the implications of probate and your situation and guide you through the entire process with confidence and compassion. 

Our firm has been assisting clients in Pennsylvania since 1971 and has experience assisting clients across the country. We have the knowledge and skills to help you work through probate successfully and efficiently. For more information on how our attorney can help with your probate case, contact Hoegen & Associates, P.C. today to schedule your free initial consultation.

What Is Probate?

Probate is a legal process through which a deceased person’s estate and inheritors are reviewed and verified by the court. This includes an examination of the will, the distribution of property, the payment of debts and taxes, and other crucial steps. This process can seem daunting, complex, and costly at first, but with the assistance of our experienced Wilkes-Barre probate attorney, it can be made easy.

The Probate process entails multiple steps through which the validity of all aspects of the estate plan is determined and the wishes of the deceased are carried out according to this estate plan. Probate can often be a long, drawn-out process, but with legal assistance to ensure timely filing and actions, the process can be made as efficient as possible. 

In some cases, probate can be avoided entirely. This depends on the makeup of the deceased’s estate plan, such as if they have a living trust rather than a will. Our probate lawyer can analyze your estate plan and determine if probate is necessary in your case. If you are wishing to set up your estate plan so that your family avoids probate in the future, we can assist you.

How Our Probate Lawyer Can Help

Our Pennsylvania probate lawyer will serve as an aid, advocate, and guide throughout the entire probate process. We will assist with evaluating the estate plan and ensuring its legitimacy. We will then help make sure that the wishes of the deceased are carried out in the proper manner. This includes helping with the identification, evaluation, and distribution of assets. We will also assist with ensuring that all  debts and taxes are properly paid. If disputes arise, our attorney can also help with the resolution of these disputes in pursuit of an efficient and amicable process. We will ensure all necessary steps are taken to ensure the legality and validity of the outcome of probate.

Contact Our Probate Lawyer Today

Though probate may seem complicated at first, with professional legal counsel, the process can be made as easy as possible. Our team is ready to take on your case. Contact Hoegen & Associates, P.C. today to schedule a consultation and discuss your case with our attorney.