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What is the Trial Court in Assessment Appeals?

What is the Trial Court’s responsibility when determining the market value of a property in a Tax Assessment Appeal case? The Trial Court’s obligation under Pennsylvania law regarding its function in a tax assessment appeal is as follows: The function of the trial...

Guardianship & Conservatorship Explained

Originally Posted on April 16th, 2020 here If you are concerned about a loved one’s well-being and you’re looking for a guardianship attorney, the attorney’s knowledge and experience in these areas is crucial. Guardianship and conservatorship mean different things in...

Marcellus Shale: The Five W’s

The Marcellus Shale has created jobs and revenue streams that have been immensely beneficial to the state. However, there are numerous legal issues that are occurring with shale development. We decided to give you the full picture of Marcellus Shale by breaking the...

Appealing Your Commercial Property Tax Bill

Did you know that the real estate tax rate in Pennsylvania increased by 1.58% in 2019? While that may not seem like a big jump, Pennsylvania continues to pay some of the highest property tax rates in the United States.  Paying property taxes on your brick-and-mortar...

Top Advantages of Hiring a Commercial Litigation Attorney

To understand the advantages of hiring a commercial litigation attorney, we should first know what one is and does. In the business world, especially for entrepreneurs starting, there are numerous legal intricacies to navigate through. Having an experienced commercial...

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

Most people are quick to hire a lawyer after a criminal arrest, during a divorce or custody battle, or in the throes of a contentious legal dispute. We’re all familiar with situations where hiring a lawyer is a no-brainer. But when it comes to purchasing or selling...

Restructuring Debt: What Is It & How Can It Help My Business?

Restructuring Debt? Have you found yourself taking on more debt than you can handle? Are you at risk of going bankrupt? There are options you can take that can seriously help your precarious financial situation. One of these options is restructuring your debt. What Is...

How to Handle Business Financial Challenges

Losing money is a situation many small businesses can’t afford. Poor investing decisions, mismanaged accounting, and misdirected marketing are just some of the ways companies can land themselves in tough water. If you own a business, you’ve probably faced your own set...

How to Help Your Business Prosper Financially

Does your business have a great product with customers that want to buy it, but still struggles financially? How could this be? Without knowing what situation you are in, we guess that your financial management and prowess are lacking. You can have everything going...

How to Decrease Your Business Tax Obligations

Owning a business is difficult, and when you throw a 70,000-page tax code on top of that, it can become even more challenging. To help companies grow, many owners are investing in tax lawyers to help them decrease their business tax obligations. Without this complex...

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