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What Is A Minor Child Entitled To When Their Parent Dies?

It is always sad when a parent dies, but when their child is still a minor, it can be even more tragic. And it may be even more common than you think. According to national statistics, one in 14 children will lose a parent before they turn 18. This comes out to...

Surprising Things Commercial Lawyers Can Do for Your Business

One of the most valuable assets you can have in your business is access to a commercial lawyer. A commercial lawyer serves as a shield to your business property and finances. Whenever you encounter legal paperwork or challenges, an attorney on your team can provide...

How To Prepare For a Successful Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Purchasing a commercial property is no small feat. Whether it’s your first property or tenth, every commercial real estate transaction comes with its own contract and stipulations. At Hoegen & Associates, we specialize in commercial real estate. We know how...

The Difference Between Commercial & Residential Real Estate Law

What Is the Difference Between Commercial & Residential Real Estate Law? Are you a homeowner considering taking a plunge and investing in a commercial property? After going through the buying or selling of a home, you become more knowledgeable about the steps...

How To Choose The Right Business Structure For Your Company

Knowing how to start a business is not common knowledge. It’s not taught in schools, and even when you decide to start a business, there are conflicting answers to your many questions. One of the first things you need to sort out is what business structure is right...

Top Three Tips For Property Tax Appeals

As a property owner, you may see rising prices as a positive thing. Your property’s value is going up, and should you choose to sell, you could make a profit. However, with higher property prices comes increased property taxes. Property taxes can gradually change...

How to Make Your Merger Business Successful

How to Make Your Merger Business Successful

As the new year quickly approaches, it can be an excellent time for new beginnings for your business. When the plans to merge your business arise, we want you to be prepared for this new venture and ensure its success. Hoegen & Associates is here to advise you on...

What to Do If a Commercial Real Estate Transaction Goes Wrong

What to Do If a Commercial Real Estate Transaction Goes Wrong

Selling or purchasing commercial real estate can be a world different from residential real estate. However, there are steps between placing an offer and finally having the keys in your hands. You may need to wait for a property inspection, completed appraisal,...

Understanding Commercial Litigation & Resolving Disputes

Is your company currently embroiled in a commercial dispute, or are you heading in that direction and want to take swift action before a lawsuit unfolds? Navigating commercial litigation and resolving disputes are never easy. As a business owner or the CEO of a...

Starting a Business in Pennsylvania: What You Need to Know

Do you dream about starting your own business? Whether you’re looking to break free from the monotony of office life and workplace rules, be your own boss, or pursue an endeavor or career path you’re passionate about, there’s never been a greater need for new...

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